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Finance Options

Flexible and cost effective alternative to overdraft or bank loan funding, providing immediate cashflow benefits to help grow your business
  • Repayments matched to cash flow
  • Choice of fixed or variable rate
  • Claim capital allowances
  • Goods title passes to you at end of agreement
  • Interest payments tax deductible
  • VAT immediately recoverable on the whole purchase price (except in the case of cars)
  • Simple, clear documentation

Flexible and tax efficient.  Leaves cash free for other uses.                      
  • Rentals can be matched to cash flow
  • Fixed or variable rate funding                       
  • Payments match depreciation of the asset
  • At  the end of the lease agreement you can either retain the asset for a  nominal annual payment or sell it and retain most of the sale proceeds
  • VAT is payable on the rentals not the purchase cost of the asset
  • Simple, clear documentation
Cost-effective finance while taking assets off the balance sheet.
  • Incorporates a residual value at the end of the agreement reducing monthly payments and improving cash flow
  • Rentals matched to your cash flow
  • Rental and return conditions fixed at the outset
  • Fixed costs for the life of the asset
  • Off balance sheet funding, improving return on assets
  • VAT  payable on rentals not the cost of the asset
  • Simple, clear documentation
Unlock money your business has tied up in working assets.  We can advance you a percentage of the assets' current market value for use as working capital within your business to supplement overdraft or bank loan facilities.
  • Releases cash into your business to use as additional working capital
  • Does not impact on existing bank facilities
  • Rentals matched to cash flow
  • Repayments fixed for the period of the agreement
  • Simple, clear documentation
Release money tied up in sales ledger and boost cash flow to fund business growth, or meet day to day obligations.  Available for all sizes of companies.
  • Access to ongoing suppply of cash, linked to sales
  • Simplifies admin of sales ledger
  • Reduces debtor days
  • Improves cashflow
  • Free up your time from accounting tasks
  • Pay suppliers earlier, buy in larger quantities, take advantage of volume discounts
  • Free up assets held as security
  • Enable additional lending opportunities
Provide your customers with competitive finance options from City & European.
  • Use our experience to increase your sales volumes and margins
  • Offer repayment options to make your goods more affordable
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase sales
  • Get paid on delivery - improve cash flow
  • Receive finance training for sales staff
Why Choose City and European Asset Finance?
Exceptional service
At City & European, we are committed to offering you high levels of service. When we undertake to obtain finance for your company, you can be confident that we will work tirelessly to ensure that the offer of finance we make to you will meet your business needs.
One stop finance from the experts
City & European is an independent finance company with a team of experienced advisors who have all worked for some of the UK's leading banks and finance companies. You can be confident that when you are talking to City & European, you are talking to professionals who have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge in the asset finance industry.
Experience and dedication
At City & European, we aim to build long term working relationships with you and spend time to get to know you and to understand your business. We use our knowledge and experience of the market to obtain finance approvals to meet your business requirements both at the start of the finance term and throughout the life of the asset
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